What is Bronze Finished Resin?

It is a polymer resin with a bronze powder mixed in to it. Often incorrectly called “cold cast bronze”, as it actually get very hot in the casting process. It gives the feel and look of the metal, – bronze, without the expense of chasing, fettling, and polishing, thus making it more affordable. It also gives amazing detail, with then lovely burnished effect of bronze.

What is Cast Bronze?

Cast Bronze is a metal, cast by pouring molten metal into a plaster mould, replacing the original wax model. the heated wax melts and runs out, so it is called “the lost wax method”. Cast bronzes have endured from pre – history to the present day.

Can resin sculptures be mended?

Yes they can, subject to a minimum charge and postage. please Email for details.

Can you do my horse or dog?

Harriet does do commissions in bronze. Please Email for details. the Trotting Warmblood can be made in white resin and hand painted to the colour of your horse. Racing models can have the jockeys colours of your choice painted on them. Please Email for details.

Why are bronzes so expensive?

The cost of casting bronzes is enormous. It requires the skills of experienced technicians and artisans. They cant be reproduced easily which is why they are limited editions. Over time they can increase in value, so keep your limited edition certificate in a safe place.